The 5 First Power Tools You Should Purchase

It’s time to think about what you can make – what you can fix. And, it’s time to think about what you need to get it all done. Here are the first 5 power tools you should buy.

1. A Power Drill/Driver. You bought that house so now there are pictures and paintings to display, shelves to install and mirrors to hang. A power drill is the tools that will get it all done. You can buy one that senses when a screw is flush to the wall or one that will adjust the clutch all by itself. This is a do everything power tool – so easy to use that you and your partner may end up fighting over it.

2. A Jigsaw Saw and/or a Circular Saw. If you’re going to do any woodworking, this one is the saw you should buy ? Some would say that a jigsaw really can do it all. It cuts curves and shapes but with a guide it will make great, straight cuts. Others would say go for the handy, light portability of a circular saw. It can cut across the grain (cross cuts) or rip along the grain.Think which one is right for your projects – or do the smart thing and buy both!

3. An Orbital Sander. Sure you can use a sanding block and sandpaper, but you probably only want to do that on small jobs. Getting back to those shelves or any large flat surface, you want a power sander. A random orbital sander is your best bet.

4. A Rotary Tool. You can sand. You can cut. You can grind and you can polish. It can handle a almost all of your small repairs. Just stock up on attachments and accessories – or buy a kit with all the most popular attachments for an easy start.

5. A Cordless Screwdriver. Yes, we know, you already bought the power drill and you’re right with the correct bit it can serve as a screwdriver. But, that drill is really built for heavier work like when you’re driving a screw into a stud. On the other hand, a cordless screwdriver can find a home in the kitchen drawer and be used by every member of the family. It can tighten a screw or loosen one. You don’t need the frustration of trying to use a hand screwdriver when a cordless one is so easy to use!

Don’t forget safety. When you start buying power tools, buy those safety glasses. Don’t use a power tool unless you’ve read all the instructions and know the proper use. Need help? Ask at the big box store or watch a DIY program or YouTube instruction – but make sure you’re watching someone who knows their stuff. Then, think about storing your tools. As your collection of power tools grows – and gets more expensive – you’ll probably want a work area in the garage. That’s great, but make sure you take one more step and have that annual garage door inspection by a licensed garage door maintenance company so you know that the door works properly and closes securely to keep all your new toys safe!

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