Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

Your garage door is what protects your cars and other items that you place in your garage. It keeps out the dust, debris, and insects that can be found around your home. We all usually take our garage doors for granted because they usually work really easily. However, there are times where they either struggle to work properly or stop working entirely. When this occurs, your best course of action is to look up a company for garage door service Phoenix. This will force you to spend money which is something we all try to avoid as much as possible. So try following the preventative measures below to reduce the chances of you having to spend money.

5 Maintenance Tips

  1. Make sure the tracks stay clean. The tracks that your garage door opens and closes on can sometimes get dirt stuck in it. The smallest amount of dirt can cause issues, so make sure you wipe it down regularly.
  2. Keep an eye on the weather stripping on the side and bottom of your garage door. Sometimes it can cause the door to get jammed if it is not attached properly. If the door is jamming try adjusting or replacing the weather stripping.
  3. Keep the track and rollers on your garage door nice and loose. This means that you should apply a light coating of oil to both the tracks and the rollers. That way the run smoothly and do not cause issues.
  4. If your garage door opener is not working try changing the battery within the remote. As simple as this is we often forget to change the batteries and think we are having bigger issues than we actually are.
  5. Get rid of any rust spots you see on the garage door parts. Rub it away with steel wool and then apply a little bit of oil to the spot where the rust is. That way the garage door does not catch.

Preventative measures will help your garage door last longer than if you do nothing at all. If your garage door does stop working, contact Arizona Garage Door Service Phoenix Company. They can take a look and figure out what your problem may be. So call today to schedule an appointment.

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