How Damaged Parts Affect your Garage Door

There are many appliances and devices that can continue to run when there is a broken part someplace. While this is definitely a good thing, there are other devices where a broken part, no matter how small can shut the entire device down. A really good example of this would be your garage door. While it looks really solid and whatnot, it is actually really sensitive. The smallest misalignment can shut the entire door down. So to prevent the need to start searching Garage Door Replacement Phoenix, you should really understand just how much a broken part can affect your garage door.

4 Ways Damaged Parts Cause Problems

  • Hinges– Hinges are what keep the garage door panels together when it is opening and closing. If a part deteriorates or a tiny screw falls out, the entire door can stop working. That is because the door will not slid together when you try to open or close it.
  • Spring– The springs in a garage door is what keeps the tension so the door can open and close. If the spring is not properly taken care of, you could face a problem. The door will just not open at all. A broken spring is really one of the most common problems for homes with garage doors.
  • Track– The garage door runs on a track when it opens and closes. IF something hits the track it can become bent. This means that the garage door cannot open or close because of the bent track preventing it from rolling all of the way.
  • Motor– the motor that pulls the garage door is often prone to issues. Because the motor is what is in charge of everything, a problem with the motor will definitely cause issues.

As you can see above, even the smallest parts like a hinge can cause a few problem. That is why as soon as you notice a problem you should contact a company that specializes in garage door repair in Phoenix. That way the problem does not get even bigger. If you have more questions contact Arizona Garage Doors.

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