5 Fixes for Common Garage “Wishes”

Fixes for Common Garage

Some can simply be old-school easy. Some take advantage of the newest garage technology. But, see if one of these 5 are on the list of things you’d like in your garage and if the solution would work for you.

1. Making Parking Easier. You’re worried. It seems like your car or cars just barely fit in your garage. You don’t want to hit the wall and you don’t was the garage door to bounce off the bumper of your new truck. The old-school fix? There’s the hanging tennis ball. When it touches the windshield, it’s time to be sure you’re stopped. You can even give it some old-school backup with a pool noodle just in case you gently nudge the wall. The new technology solution? Laser beams! Available online and inexpensive. These devices give you a laser light to guide you to exactly the right space. They’re made for both one and two car garage parking!

2. Emergency Lighting. The power’s out and that garage is so dark that you’re afraid you’re going to knock something down before you can get the car door open. Old school? Grab your flashlight before you head for the car. Another old school solution is a flashlight that plugs into a plug and come on in a power outage. Both of those will work, but they probably don’t compare to today’s emergency lighting with adjustable fixtures to put light where you want it and a charge that can last up to 20 hours. Still, even the new emergency lights are a bit old school – just a better power-is-out light fixture. Continue reading