How Your Garage Door Works

How Your Garage Door Works

Understanding how your garage door works and the choices you have will give you new respect for that great, big door that goes up and down. Here are 5 things to know about how it works.

1. There’s a Motor. Of course! Usually that motor is about a half horse power, 6-amp motor that plugs into a 120 volt outlet. It not only raises the door; it slows the door as it lowers so it doesn’t crash land against the garage floor.

2. What Moves the Door? Your choice! Each of these devices is connected to the trolley to drive the door. The drive mechanism can be a belt, a chain or a screw. A belt mechanism is both the quietest and the most expensive. It has teeth on one side that allow the gear to raise and lower the door. Another choice is the chain. It’s like a big a bike chain. It’s the least expensive, but makes the most noise. A screw is a continuously threaded shaft that “reaches” out and grabs the door to raise and lower it. It’s middle-of-the-road – not too noisy and not too expensive. However, it needs to be lubricated! Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Summer Driving IS Dangerous Driving

Reasons Why Summer Driving in Dangerous Driving

August comes in second for the most fatal accidents, following October. There’s probably not much very harsh winter weather in either month, but August averaged 3,037 fatal accidents in 2014 against October’s 3,068. More, June, July and September come in with about 2,800 fatal accidents each. Summer is definitely a time for caution behind the wheel. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Teens Take to the Road. They’re driving more often than when school is in session. They may be driving to their summer job or picking up their friends for a day of fun. Statistically, teens are involved in more accidents than any other age group. Their risk of an auto accident is almost 3 times higher than that of drivers 20 and older. There are about 6 teenage deaths from motor vehicle accidents every day. They may not have the experience to make critical decisions; they are more likely to speed. And, you can’t leave out accidents caused by distracted driving – think radio, texting and phone use.

2. There is More Congestion. This is especially true on routes to popular vacation spots. Traffic jams can cause accidents of all levels of severity. They can also lead to road rage which in turn can have serious consequences. If you’re caught in traffic, stay cool. Be prepared for drivers who may cut you off. Also, keep in mind that while your family may be returning to a spot you visit every summer, some drivers will be newcomers finding their way and that can lead to erratic driving. Continue reading

5 Ways to Give Your Garage Vintage Chic

Ways to Give Your Garage Vintage Chic

Do you wish that your garage had some style – that it reflected the way you’ve decorated your home with bright colors and country chic. Here are 5 ways to make your garage live up to your dreams.

1. Create a Slat Wall. It’s got the look of a country cottage, but it’s, oh, so practical. A slat wall – think cottage white, go bright or you can even use a soft pastel – goes to work for you. You have a fun, vintage look and the easiest way to organize anything. Use hooks to hang up your tools or trays that can hold your selection of spray paints. A slat wall can brighten up that dark space and get you organized at the same time. It’s a win-win! Continue reading

4 Kinds of Clutter That Are Harmful in Your Garage

Kinds of Clutter That Are Harmful in Your Garage

There’s the clutter that comes from the kids and their activities. There’s the clutter from the Holiday decorations you never quite got back where they belong. There’s the clutter from your woodworking project. But, there are 4 kinds of clutter that can be dangerous in your garage. If they exist in your garage, get to work and clean this clutter up.

1. Combustible Chemicals. Garage fires are some of the most dangerous fires that can happen. Think about everything in your garage and how much of it will fuel flames – or even explode. If your garage is cluttered with things like fertilizer (yes, it has the same ingredients as a bomb), paint thinner, pesticides and, the main offender because it’s so common, gasoline, it’s time to go to work. First, identify the combustibles. Next, organize them. Make sure they are properly stored in their original containers or a safety container made to hold the product. Now, label them so you know what is what. Dispose of those you don’t need properly. Finally, make sure you have a Class B/C extinguisher that will work on grease, gasoline, oil and other flammable liquids. Plus, it will work on energized electrical equipment or cords. Finally, take the propane tanks out of the garage. It simply doesn’t belong there. Continue reading

5 Considerations to Find the Perfect Garage Door

Considerations to Find the Perfect Garage Door

It’s time – time for a new garage door. Here are 5 things to take into consideration to make sure you get the right door for your home.

1. Where Do You Live? If you live in a climate of extreme heat or cold, you should consider an insulated door. It will help keep your garage warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. That will help protect everything stored in your garage – and it may even help keep your home at a more even temperature. You don’t want winter cold or summer heat to bleed through the connecting wall or come in with you every time you go in or out from the garage to the home. Continue reading

5 Garage Door Hazards and How to Make Them Safe

Garage Door Hazards and How to Make Them Safe

Your garage can be a dangerous place for a child. There’s that big door that moves up and down. There’s the things you store. Many can be harmful to children or pets. Here are 5 things to do to make your garage safer.

1. Those Trash Cans, Tools and Chemicals are all possible hazards – not to mention that if a garbage can is tipped, you’re dealing with a big mess. Secure them all. Get tool racks that let you hang – and secure – the tools so they don’t fall. Plus, hanging that shovel means it won’t be a tripping hazard. Secure garbage cans to the wall and the top to the can by using elastic cords. If you have chemicals that could be harmful to kids or pets, get a cabinet and keep it locked. You can also purchase safety cans with lids that stay closed. Continue reading

5 Safety Hazards in Your Garage and How to Fix Them

Safety Hazards in Your Garage and How to Fix Them

You may not even put your car in your garage. It may be a great, big storage room. And, it may be dangerous for you and your family. Here are 5 safety hazards you should be aware of – and if they exist in your garage, correct them.

1. Carbon Monoxide Fumes. These can build up quickly and if your garage is attached to your home, they may enter your living space. They don’t just come from the car engine although that is a big source of carbon monoxide. Other sources include any fuel-burning equipment or engine-powered machines. Never leave the car running even if the garage door is open. Be safe – install carbon monoxide detectors close to all sleeping areas. They should be on every level of the home. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless so the CO alarms are the only warning you’ll get. Continue reading

5 Ways to Get Your Garage Ready for Summer

5 Ways to Get Your Garage Ready for Summer

It’s going to get hot! It’s going to get busy. Having your garage ready for summer will make it all easier. Here are 5 tips to get your garage ready for everything summer has to offer – including the heat. Do it now while that garage is still at a comfortable, working temperature.

1. Get Ready for the Season. What does summer mean to you? Is it time for baseball or softball? Is it family bike rides? Is it time to hit the local water park? If there are activities that you and your family do on a regular basis, let your garage help out. A kitchen sized garbage pail is perfect for bats or hockey sticks. A big rubber basket can corral all the soccer balls. Towel hooks make it easy to grab a towel as you head to the car for a day at the water park or the lake. Think about the things you use in the summer – from bikes to that inflatable swan and put them in convenient, easy-to-grab locations. Continue reading

5 Reasons It’s Time for a New Garage Door

Reasons It’s Time for a New Garage Door

Your old garage door is – old. Or, it just needs some repairs. When do you decide it’s time to buy new, here are 5 things that might help you make your decision.

1. The Springs: The springs on a garage door are under high tension. They should be secured by being enclosed in a metal tube or by a safety cable. If they are not and they break, they become a dangerous flying object that can cause injury or damage. Springs do wear out so if you know your springs are getting old (5 years or older), it may be time to replace either them or the door. Continue reading

5 Monthly Checkups for Your Garage Door

Monthly Checkups for Your Garage Door

Taking care of your garage door is important. It’s big. It’s heavy. If it or one of its components are starting to fail, it can have serious consequences from damaging your car and the things you keep in your garage to causing injuries – even fatal injuries. Here are 5 do-it-yourself monthly checks to help insure your garage door is operating safely.

1. Give the Door a Monthly Once-Over Very Carefully. Shut the garage door and do a comprehensive visual inspection. Look for obvious signs of wear. Check for rust and frayed cables. Check all mounting hardware to make sure it is tight and secure. Are the rails straight and aligned? Open and close the door a couple of times. If something doesn’t sound right or if you see something that doesn’t seem quite right, call for a professional inspection. Remember, the cables and springs of your garage door are under high tension. Repairs should only be done by someone with the right expertise and the right tools.

2. Test the Door’s Balance. Disconnect the door from the automatic system. Open the door manually. It should rise smoothly. When left is a half-open position, it should stay in that position. If it doesn’t, it’s time to call that pro. Continue reading

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