5 Weekend Hacks to Beautify and Organize Your Garage

You don’t have to be overwhelmed. Getting started on beautifying your garage and getting it organized can be done one step at a time. Here are 5 things you can do in a few hours or over the weekend that will get your garage in better shape than ever.

1. Create Carriage House Style. You’ve seen hose carriage house garage doors and you wish you had one, but your door is in good shape and you’re not ready for a new one. Create a carriage door from the garage door you have! You can buy fake windows and magnetic hardware that will give you the carriage or coach door look – and it’s so easy! Just add them to your existing garage door and, presto, you have created a very stylish look for your home.

2. Look Up and Add Storage. If your garage is home to tottering stacks of boxes full of things you need only once a year or so, it’s time to think about hanging storage from the ceiling. You can get those boxes out of the way – and, maybe, create space so you can actually park your car in the garage easily. There are even bike racks that can hang from that overhead system. Move things up and regain the space.

3. Baby, it’s Hot Outside! And, that means that your garage may be just as hot. Or, maybe you shivered through the winter in your garage. It’s not hard to insulate a garage wall or door. You’re going to find the necessary how-to-do-it on America’s favorite school room – YouTube. Or, ask for help at your local big box store. You can do it and it will pay off with a more comfortable garage and, even, lower utility bills.

4. Love the Look of Wood. Your faded aluminum garage can turn into a faux wooden beauty with the application of gel stain. It’s not all that hard. And, you’re going to have a door that looks so good – so much like real wood – that your neighbors are going to be wondering how you could afford a beautiful wood garage door.

5. Just a Little Skill and Some Greenery. Tie your garage together with your landscaping. If you’re talented, build a simple pergola. If that’s not your speed, order one (they’re available on the Internet) and nail it up. Now, add some big pots with vines that can eventually climb up and over. Want something even simpler? Add the pots, the vines and a simple trellis.

You can make your garage more user friendly and you can make your garage door more attractive. But, there’s one thing you shouldn’t do. You shouldn’t try to repair your garage door. It’s under high tension with cables and springs that can do real damage. Make sure that your garage door has a safety check at least once a year. And, if your garage door is so old that a coat of paint won’t help hide the wear and tear, maybe it’s time for a new one. It’s all one phone call away. You want a local, registered, insured and licensed garage door maintenance, repair and replacement company. They’ll make sure your garage is safe and operating properly with a yearly inspection. When you need a new garage door, they’ll give you exciting options that are attractive, safe and have all the latest features!

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