5 Ways to Show Off Who You Are in Your Garage

Who are you? What are the things that you really love? If the garage is your own special territory, here are 5 ways that you can make the garage all yours.

1. You’re a Tool Guy! You gotta have this. You can find a super-strong magnetized panel – in gleaming steel, of course. It’s strong enough to hold your planes and planners. It shows off your tools while it keeps them in view and handy! Want to have some fun? Paint a bullseye on the panel. When a do-it-yourself project is going wrong, toss a bolt it’s way. Maybe you can at least score in the center circle.

2. You wouldn’t Miss a Game. So, how can you work in your garage if you don’t have a television. We’re talking a guy’s television here — a big, flat screenand and one  that connects to your wireless so you can stream your games when necessary. There are even televisions that you can control with your voice so you don’t have to put down your tools when you want to change the channel.

3. You Love to Win. You can go with the old standards like a pool table or a dart board or a ping pong table. Or, you can bring it on. Check the Internet and you’ll find all your old favorites. Imagine challenging your best bud from high school to a game of NBA Jam on a refurbished arcade game. What about Pac Man or Defender? Save up your pennies – the games will probably run $1,000+ and then start the search for your favorite.

4. Turn on the Sounds. You need to groove while you finish that woodworking project. That means you need good speakers. Pack all your favorites on your phone or IPod and plug it into those speakers. Country or rock and roll – the choice is yours – but make sure you invest in great speakers so your tunes come in loud and clear.

5. A Cold One. When the work gets tough, you need to bust the stress with a frosty mug. Invest in one of those keg refrigerators and put your favorite beer on tap. Some will store two different small (sixth-sized) kegs so you can have a light and a pilsner or whatever combination you choose.

When you put your favorite things in your garage, you want to make sure that they’re safe. Make sure you add a yearly garage door inspection to your list of annual must-do’s. An inspection by a licensed garage door maintenance company will mean that you know the garage door is safe (no flying broken springs) and is going to operate smoothly – and keep your stuff and the family safe!

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