5 Ways to Refresh Your Garage Door

The garage door may be the biggest thing at the front of your home. If it looks bad, your house isn’t looking its best. Here are 5 ways to improve the looks of your garage – and the looks of your home.

1. Paint! It’s the simple fix. You find a color that compliments your home. You can match your front door. You can go for a pop of color (be careful with that one – you don’t want to overwhelm your home). You can be low-key with a quiet color. Choose carefully because when you paint your garage door, you are upgrading the curb appeal of your home.

2. Faux Wood. This one is a huge change. You can use a stain to create a wood-look that looks genuine. Start with a power washing and then you can work to create the exact wooden look you need. Do it with glaze. Do it with layers of paint. You’ll find lots of tutorials on the web to help you create a very expensive look – all by yourself!

3. The Mural. Have the artwork of your dreams on your garage door. Think of it as blank canvas for a flower garden or a seascape. Do something that works in your neighborhood – something that will be fun for you, look good and not make the neighbors mad. And, if your artistic skills are missing, did you know you can buy a garage door mural that adheres to the door – including 3D murals that look like you’ve got a giant lizard or an artillery tank in your garage.

4. Windows Without A View. Or with one. Windows really improve the overall look of your garage so get some. You can choose replacing a section of your door with a section that has windows (it may be hard to match the colors so a paint job may be in order, too). Or, you can buy faux windows that go on a bit like a decal. Either way you get a new look – with or without the view.

5. Accessorize. You know it can turn your old little black dress into knockout and new accessories can change the look of your garage, too. Get hardware that matches the style of your home and have some fun! Again, the internet is a great place to look for ideas for dressing up your carriage with new hardware. You can even make an imitation carriage door that looks like it should swing out instead of going up.

It’s fun to change the look of your garage, but if your garage door is really worn out and no longer safe, it’s time to buy a new one. Work with a licensed garage replacement company to find a great style and all the convenience of today’s garage door openers. You can even get an opener that reports to your smartphone so you always know if it’s been left open or if someone has come inside.

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