5 Ways to Give Your Garage Vintage Chic

Do you wish that your garage had some style – that it reflected the way you’ve decorated your home with bright colors and country chic. Here are 5 ways to make your garage live up to your dreams.

1. Create a Slat Wall. It’s got the look of a country cottage, but it’s, oh, so practical. A slat wall – think cottage white, go bright or you can even use a soft pastel – goes to work for you. You have a fun, vintage look and the easiest way to organize anything. Use hooks to hang up your tools or trays that can hold your selection of spray paints. A slat wall can brighten up that dark space and get you organized at the same time. It’s a win-win!

2. Shop Vintage. And, pick up some used school lockers. What a great look! You can assign one to every family member so the kids can keep their sports’ gear handy and Mom can put all her gardening tools and plant food in hers. Dad’s locker can hold his automotive odds and ends or his golf clubs. Another bonus – every locker can be locked and that means you can keep dangerous chemicals safe and secure.

3. Use a Pallet. You’ve seen lots of uses for wooden pallets. After all, they’re free! Don’t be afraid to bring them into your garage and use them to make an enclosure of any size. You can make vintage looking storage for your tools – no more falling shovels to injure people or dent your car. They’re also perfect for sports equipment. Label them in a script for fun and to dress them up. Try “home run” or “goal” on sports equipment or how about “clean”, “rake”, “plant” on those pallets that hold garden tools.

4. Buy Buckets. Buckets of every size are garage storage perfect! Small ones can hang up on that slat wall and hold nuts, bolts and nails. Bigger ones can corral your tennis racket and balls or the children’s outdoor toys. Make them reusable and very chic. Use blackboard paint and make a “label” and then chalk on the contents so everyone knows what is in each bucket. Change your mind? Kids gave up baseball for hockey? Just erase your label and chalk on a new one.

5. Say Welcome Home. That interior garage door is an entry into your home. Paint it a soft blue or a bright orange. Hang up a board with hooks so that your jackets are right there when you need them. Stack up some vintage crates – the perfect place to leave muddy shoes. Make coming home through the garage door as welcoming as coming in the front door!

Make your garage look fun. Give it its own décor, but don’t neglect the essentials – like taking care to make sure that big garage door is operating correctly and safely. Contact your local garage door maintenance, repair and replacement at least once a year and make sure that all those high-tension parts are secure. Keep your family safe while they marvel that you actually made a garage look great!

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