5 Ways to Get Your Garage Ready for Summer

It’s going to get hot! It’s going to get busy. Having your garage ready for summer will make it all easier. Here are 5 tips to get your garage ready for everything summer has to offer – including the heat. Do it now while that garage is still at a comfortable, working temperature.

1. Get Ready for the Season. What does summer mean to you? Is it time for baseball or softball? Is it family bike rides? Is it time to hit the local water park? If there are activities that you and your family do on a regular basis, let your garage help out. A kitchen sized garbage pail is perfect for bats or hockey sticks. A big rubber basket can corral all the soccer balls. Towel hooks make it easy to grab a towel as you head to the car for a day at the water park or the lake. Think about the things you use in the summer – from bikes to that inflatable swan and put them in convenient, easy-to-grab locations.

2. Don’t Forget the Things You Need. Have you ever cut a day in the sun short because you forgot the sun screen or been eaten alive by mosquitos when you’re trying to catch a fish? Let your garage be the answer. Pack a bag that’s filled with those easy-to-forget essentials and put it with the other equipment you’ll need when you’re ready for the big game or the weekend at the lake. Think of the all the little things – from sunscreen and bug spray to an ace bandage for that trick knee – have them where you won’t forget them by hanging the bag in the garage with the other equipment for your outing.

3. Give the House a Break. A shoe rack is a natural for your garage – seriously. When you return from that Little League game, have a shoe rack where you can leave the muddy cleats instead of walking into the home and tracking that dirt inside. Ditto for wet water shoes.

4. Get the Door Ready for the Heat. High temperatures are hard on your garage door. Help it out. It’s a great time of the year for your yearly garage maintenance and safety checkup. You want to make sure that it is lubricated so it will open and close easily. You also want to make sure that all the parts under high tension are secure and safe since the door will probably be used more and used by your whole family including the kids. And, speaking of kids – and pets – you want to make sure that the auto-reverse is functioning correctly.

5. Think Insulation. One easy step is to give the door a new coat of paint in a light, reflective color. But, you may want more. If you don’t have an insulated garage door, think about all that heat that is bleeding into your home through the shared wall and every time you open the door to get into the home. If you’re ready for a new garage door, buy one with insulation. If your old door is in good shape, you can insulate it. You can do it yourself or call for professional help. Keep weight in mind if you do it yourself as that door still has to go up and down!

You can organize your things and make summer handier. However, when it comes to maintenance or replacing your garage door, you want to make sure you work with a licensed garage door service and replacement company. Garage doors are the heaviest moving object in your home and they work under high tension. Working on a garage door takes special tools and expert knowledge so get the advice of that expert if you have a problem or question.

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