5 Things to Do for a Great Garage Party

Think it’s impossible? It’s really not that hard to get your garage ready for a party. Here are 5 tips to help you enjoy an evening with friends – with room to spare.

1. Get Ready to Party. Start with decluttering the garage. It’s a good time to get rid of the things you don’t use and don’t want. As you declutter, make an “I’m going to donate it” pile and an “I’m taking it to the dump” pile. This will pay off with more space when the party is over – you may even make enough room to bring in the car. Put the things you need along one wall so they can be concealed (see #3).

2. Think about the Smell. If your garage has a musty smell or a gasoline and chemical smell, get to the source. Make sure that chemicals are covered and capped so the odors don’t escape. That musty smell can probably be controlled by opening the door and washing down the walls and the floor – and that wash down is a necessity even if there aren’t any odors.

3. Cover the Clutter. You’ve stacked everything along one wall – now make that wall party ready. Visit the dollar store and buy bright, fun vinyl tablecloths. Now, string a clothes line in front of the “stuff” and hang those tablecloths to make a party wall. You can also tack them or secure them from the top of shelves. You can also consider using sheets. They’re more expensive but they make it easy to pick a theme – from flowers to Star Wars for the kids (or adults). Another hint — matching twin sheets make easy tablecloths for folding tables.

4. Light It Up. Now you’re getting into the fun part. Lighting is part of decorating. So many options! From strings of white lights crisscrossing the ceiling to party lanterns. Don’t forget the driveway. You want to light it up too and set up some tables so your party can spill out into the open air. Along with the lights, decorate to your party theme. Streamers and balloons are easy and festive.

5. Serve up the Food. Remember, if you’re going to grill, that’s not for inside the garage – set up in the open air. Finger foods work well at garage parties – from shish kabobs of fresh fruit to a sliced hoagie. If you have a special cake, think about renting a display table at the local party rental store and make it an amazing centerpiece. Bring out the food; turn on the lights and have fun!

Put one more thing on your party list. Make sure you’ve had your yearly garage door maintenance from a licensed garage door maintenance and replacement company. They’ll give the garage door a complete safety check to keep it operating smoothly for you and keep all your guests – and your family and pets – safe.

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