5 Things that Say It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

You want your garage door to go up and go down. Plus, it’s about 40% of the front of your home so you want it to be good looking. Investing in a garage door can pay off – you can recoup over 90% of your investment when you sell. Take a look at these 5 reasons to replace and see if any of them are meant for your garage door.

1. It’s loud and you know the repair number by heart. When your garage starts making sounds of protest every time it opens and closes, that’s a sign. You need to call a trained garage technician to make sure that even if it’s noisy, it is still safe. And, when you dial that technician and find his phone number is at the top of your most-called list, that’s another sign that your garage door is probably ready to be replaced.

2. You have an attached garage and a high utility bill. Your garage door could be part of the problem. If you live in a climate that is extreme – very hot or very cold, every time someone opens that garage door and then comes into the home, they’re bringing that hot or cold garage air with them. If the walls and ceiling are insulated, that leaves the door. Replacing an old garage door with an insulated door may bring that utility bill down.

3. Your garage door has great moves – and, we’re not talking about the up and down. If your door seems to be doing a dance all its own, it may be time to replace. That shimmy or shake can come from rollers that no longer turn smoothly, a roller that is out of the track, broken hinges that leave the door “out of square” or, even, springs and cables that need adjustment. Remember those springs and cables are under high tension. You can call for another repair or realize that it just might be time to think replacement

4. It’s showing its age – and then some! There’s the dent where your teenager just gave it a little tap. There are misaligned panels. The lower section is damaged and the door no longer sits evenly. Remember it’s almost half of what people see when they look at your home. It may be ruining the first impression. That’s especially crucial if you’re thinking of selling. A new door is a facelift for you home – one that pays off in return on investment.

5. You want all the new connected features. With a new garage door and garage door opener, you can do amazing things. You can close the door that your partner left open when they left in a hurry. You can open the door to let grandma and grandpa – or the kids – in when they’re forgotten their keys. And, you can do it all from wherever you and your smart phone are. It’s a connected world – you want to take advantage of all the conveniences it offers.

Whether you’ve decided to call for another repair or you know the time has come to replace, make sure you deal with a licensed, insured and certified garage door maintenance, repair and replacement company. You want to be able to rely on your garage door so check reviews and references. Do your homework and choose a company that will give you the honest, reliable service you deserve.

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