5 Reasons It’s Time for a New Garage Door

Your old garage door is – old. Or, it just needs some repairs. When do you decide it’s time to buy new, here are 5 things that might help you make your decision.

1. The Springs: The springs on a garage door are under high tension. They should be secured by being enclosed in a metal tube or by a safety cable. If they are not and they break, they become a dangerous flying object that can cause injury or damage. Springs do wear out so if you know your springs are getting old (5 years or older), it may be time to replace either them or the door.

2. The Bottom Brackets: These brackets are under very high tension. They should only be maintained by a garage door technician. One advantage of some of the new garage doors are that they are designed so that these brackets cannot be removed when the door is under tension. This is a big safety advantage if someone in your home should decide they want to try to do it themselves.

3. Reversing Mechanism. Garage doors have been required to have a reversing feature for about 25 years. You want your door to have two reversing systems. If it encounters resistance, it should reverse. If an object in the path of the door breaks the beam between two photoelectric eyes, again, it should reverse. If your old garage door’s auto-reverse system isn’t functioning properly, get it repaired or replace the door. If your door doesn’t have these systems, it’s OLD – and, it’s probably time to replace.

4. Insulation: Today, more garages are used for storage than are used for parking. No matter what you keep in your garage, it is subject to high heat if you live in a hot climate or extreme cold if you live in a cold climate. Those extremes aren’t good for things, cars or your home. Every time you go into your home from the garage or vice versa, that cold or hot the air is coming with you. It may also be bleeding through the common wall – either isn’t good for your utility bill. An insulated garage door can make a difference.

5. Style: The garage door is often the most prominent feature of your home. A new garage door will give your home better curb appeal and increase the value of the home. More, today’s garage doors come in great styles – from wood-look carriage doors (or real wood doors) to sleek contemporary styles. There are different window styles – and a great choice of trims. If your home needs a facelift, start with the garage door.

Whether you decide to replace your garage door or have garage door repairs, always make sure you work with a licensed and insured garage door replacement and repair company. Working on garage doors takes both expert knowledge and the right equipment to avoid problems – and, even, injury. Don’t take a chance. Do your homework and find a reliable garage door company with all the correct credentials.

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