5 of the Most Common Garage Door Issues

No one has ever said that garage doors are the easiest mechanical item in your home. The smallest issue can become a big problem if you do not take care of it as soon as possible. This can be a problem especially since we usually store a lot of things in our garage. If the door is broken then we are at risk for theft and issues with insects. The easiest way to take away all issues is to look up garage door replacement Phoenix, and find a company that works best for you. However sometimes the problem is not that severe and you can get away with a minor repair. Either way you need to know what the most common garage door issues are just so you can be prepared.

Common Issues

  1. Door Does not Close all the Way – The door not closing all the way is a sign that there is some sort of problem with your garage door. It could be a malfunction with the sensor or something else.
  2. Spring is Broken – The spring is what keeps the tension in the door. If one breaks your garage door is not going to open and close properly. It may just slam close because of the lack of tension.
  3. Motor is Worn Out – The motor could be worn out depending on how long you have had that particular garage door. Your garage door would refuse to open if the motor is worn down.
  4. Hinge is Broken – A broken hinge could keep the door from bending properly as it is propelled up and down. A hinge can create a big issue if it is not taken care of right away.
  5. Alignment is Off – The tracks that the door runs on can be bent really easily. If the alignment is off, then the door may get stuck.

As you can see you can face a lot of issues with your garage door. The trick is to catch them as early as possible and to take precautions to avoid these problems. For more information contact Arizona Garage Doors.

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