5 Great Ideas for Your Garage

You want your garage to be safe for your family, your stuff and your car. Here are 5 things you can do to make the garage work for everything and everyone.

1. Think Horizontal. If you’ve got your garden tools hanging on the wall in a vertical position, you know how easy it is to knock them down. Instead of hanging that rake or that shovel and hoping that if the kids knock them over they miss the car, put up three brackets – one for the top of the handle, one for the middle and one for the end. Now, put your tools in horizontally and reduce the risk of falling.

2. Protect Tools and Give Yourself Workspace. You may have already created a hanging wall for your expensive power tools – pegboard works! Now take it a step further. Frame the area and make a fold-down coverwith legs on hinges. You can find plans online, and you accomplish two things – you cover up those expensive tools so they don’t attract a thief when the garage door is open and you’ve given yourself a fold-down work table that’s out of the way until you need it. Not a do-it-yourself fan? You can also find them in stores.

3. Create a Parking Space. Think along the lines of those concrete parking lot barriers. But, you don’t have to go that far. You can buy plastic bumpers at a store. Just want a great visual? Use a brightly colored pool noodle cut in half and outline the parking space. Want something a little sturdier? Use wood blocks. Be careful if you bolt them to the concrete; you don’t want to hit a cable in a post tension garage so don’t drill too deeply.

4. That Pool Noodle…. You can use it to outline a parking space, but you can also use it to protect your door from hitting the wall in a tight spot. Just take that half a pool noodle that’s left over and screw it into the wall for the perfect bumper.

5. Zone Out. Or, zone in. If you spend a few minutes planning on how you use the things in your garage, it’s easy to get organized. You can have a kids’ zone with a big basket or garbage can to store those soccer balls or baseball equipment. The holiday decorations that you only need to get to once a year can be in a slightly more out-of-the-way place. Give it a little thought and you’ll make you left much easier.

You want to keep the things inside your garage safe and the most important parts of that equation is making sure your garage door is in good condition. You want it to open and close smoothly. You want to make sure the auto-reverse function works. Organize it yourself but be sure to call a licensed garage door maintenance and replacement company at least once a year. Then, you know you’ve made your garage a good, organized safe place.

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