5 Garage Door Hazards and How to Make Them Safe

Your garage can be a dangerous place for a child. There’s that big door that moves up and down. There’s the things you store. Many can be harmful to children or pets. Here are 5 things to do to make your garage safer.

1. Those Trash Cans, Tools and Chemicals are all possible hazards – not to mention that if a garbage can is tipped, you’re dealing with a big mess. Secure them all. Get tool racks that let you hang – and secure – the tools so they don’t fall. Plus, hanging that shovel means it won’t be a tripping hazard. Secure garbage cans to the wall and the top to the can by using elastic cords. If you have chemicals that could be harmful to kids or pets, get a cabinet and keep it locked. You can also purchase safety cans with lids that stay closed.

2. If You Have an Unused Refrigerator or Freezer that is stored in the garage, make sure that the door is removed so a child cannot climb into it and be trapped. If you’re not planning on using it, turn it to the wall so the door cannot be opened.

3. Educate your Children so they understand the dangers of the garage doors. Children think that they can play garage door games. Whether it’s trying to “ride” the door as it ascends or trying to beat the door by ducking under it as it closes, these games can cause serious injury and, even, death. Talk with your children and make sure that they understand the dangers. If they are small, make sure they are supervised if they are playing near the garage door or in the garage.

4. Go High when it comes to installing the garage door opener on the wall. It should be out of the reach of children. Never let them play with the remote opener. Making that garage door go up and down may seem like a fun game, but it can be a dangerous one. Make sure your child can’t access the wall-mounted opener or the remote.

5. Check your Auto-Reverse functions – both of them. Auto-reverse has been mandated on all garage doors since the early 1990’s. Your garage door should reverse if hits something or if it senses something in its path. These are two separate functions. The first reacts to the pressure of “feeling” something as it closes. Check it with a roll of paper towels which approximate the soft body of a child or pet. The second are the photo eyes that send a beam across the garage door. If that beam is broken, the garage door should reverse. Check this by using the long handle of a broom as the door is descending. If your garage door doesn’t pass both tests, call in the garage door pros.

You should have your garage door safety checked once a year by a technician from a licensed garage door repair company. They have the knowledge to catch small problems before they turn into big, expensive problems. They will make sure that all the springs and pulley’s that are under extreme tension are safe. They’ll inspect the track carefully. You want a professional to check out your garage door yearly because you want to keep your things and family safe.

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