4 Garage Door Trends for 2017

What do garage door shoppers want this year? Here are 4 trends for both new construction garage doors and replacement garage doors.

1. What Style? If you’re a baby boomer or your home is older than 20 years, you are more likely to pick a classic style. Building a new home? A younger home buyer? You’re looking at contemporary and modern styles. You like the clean straight lines and lean towards darker colors like brown and black. If you live in a rural area or like that style, you may be looking at a carriage house or ranch style garage door. If you haven’t shopped for a garage door in years, you’re going to be surprised at how stylish they’ve become!

2. Energy Efficiency Counts. The world has become more environmentally conscious; so have garage door manufacturers. You may not heat or cool your garage, but when you enter your home from the garage that hot summer air or cold winter air is coming inside with you. Now, you can find garage doors that offer excellent insulation value and efficient weather sealing to keep your garage more comfortable all year long – and to reduce the heat and cold that may be leaking into your home.

3. Open Up Efficiently. Garage door openers have become more energy efficient, too. You’ll find openers that will work with energy efficient CFL bulbs without interference between the remote and the opener. You can even find openers with a DC motor that uses less energy by starting and stopping more slowly. Backup batteries will save you the inconvenience of trying to get in or out when you’ve lost power. Plus, a new opener will be quiet and smooth!

4. Connect with Mobile. Your mobile phone and your garage door can be partners. You can get alerts on your phone if your door opens – or is left open. Plus, you don’t have to worry because you can shut it through the phone from wherever you are. Mom and Dad coming to visit? Do they arrive unexpectedly early? Use the phone to let them in. Great features that work with smartphones have arrived and as homes become more automated – your garage door is likely to be part of that advantage.

The best thing about a new garage door is that it will work reliably, smoothly and quietly. It will have auto-reverse to protect pets and children. New garage doors can last as long as 20 years – they’re durable. And, when you see your licensed garage door replacement company for that new garage, you’re going to be adding value to your home!

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