4 Floor Coverings – for Your Garage!

Is your garage floor making you crazy? Is the concrete cracked? Are there stains? Garage floor coverings are easy. You can make a floor look great in just a few hours. Plus, floor coverings can open up new uses for your garage – from parties to making working on your car easier.

1. Rigid Tiles. If you like working on your car in your garage, rigid tiles may be the right choice for you. They will stand up to the intense pressure created by a jack. They can handle the load – even big motorcycle kickstands. Rigid tiles are more stable – they don’t expand or contract like flexible tile. Some even come with perforations to drain spills or rainwater. You can choose from many different colors and styles. Installation is literally a snap. You just line them up, lay them down and then step on them to click the male and female connectors together. The costs averages from $2.50 to $4.25 a square foot, depending on your selection.

2. Mats. You can use one to catch the accidental spill from an oil change or the drip from your teen’s old car. Use one or two where you want them – maybe one under the car and one under your workbench and work area. You can put several together to cover as much of the floor as you like. Putting down a mat is as simple as sweeping the floor and placing it where you want it. You can roll them out and trim the edges to fit exactly the way you want. Expect to spend about $2.50 to $4 per square foot.

3. Flexible Tiles: These interlocking tiles give you a soft surface that is slip resistant – a great choice if you spend a lot of time at your garage workbench. You have a choice of colors – and patterns – to create the look you want from racecar sporty to industrial chic. You can tap them together with a rubber mallet or press them together with a wallpaper roller. They’ll pick up some stains just like the mats, but, in this case, you can just replace the damaged tiles and not the whole floor. Cost can run from $2.50 to twice as much depending on the kind of flexible tiles you choose.

4. Ordinary Vinyl Tile. OK, we know it’s not recommended for garages, but it works. It’s inexpensive – as low as 29 cents a square foot or about $4 if you go high end. Installation is a bit of work as you have to put down the adhesive, lay down the tile, let it dry for a week and then put on a sealer. Watch out as it may be slippery when wet, but if you want a good-looking option that is inexpensive and you don’t mind the work, this is a garage floor covering to consider.

Your garage floor may be beautiful, but if the garage door isn’t working, you’re in trouble. Don’t forget to schedule an annual maintenance and safety check with a licensed garage door maintenance and replacement company at least once a year. You can make your garage more attractive, but it takes a pro to make sure that the door is reliable and safe!

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