Door Repair

Need garage door repair? Call A-Authentic Garage Doors, for reliable help in a hurry. They respect your budget, your time and your home!

Response – usually within an hour – that’s just one of the good reasons that A-Authentic Garage Doors is known as the best garage repair company in Arizona. They respect your time, your home and your wallet. In an emergency garage repair, A-Authentic will usually respond to an emergency call within the hour – that’s quick! If you need to schedule an appointment, they won’t leave you waiting around all morning or all afternoon. Every appointment is scheduled within a one hour window – if A-Authentic says they’ll be there between 1 and 2; they’ll be there between 1 and 2 – not between 1 and 5. That’s the respect you deserve. We know your time is important to you. And, we know that a garage door malfunction at any time – usually at the worst possible time. A-Authentic will respond to your emergency 24/7 every day of the year and they service every brand of garage doors and garage door openers!

Garage door repair by A-Authentic does away with guesswork. They’ll explain the problem and what can be done. You’ll know if it’s a part or problem that can be fixed or if it’s something that needs replacing. They want to keep your garage door working correctly. They want to keep you safe. But they also want to respect your wallet. They know that you want the best option so they will take the time to explain your options. They know that a garage door repair is often an unexpected expense. They work for you and with you to complete your garage door repair in the most cost-efficient way possible.

A-Authentic is known as the best. It’s a reputation they worked hard to win. They’re a family owned company that has been serving the Valley of the Sun with expert garage door repair for over 15 years. They are expert at what they do and their expertise has won them the following accolades.

BBB A+ rating

Angie’s List Super Service winner

Bent Tracks

Door is Off Tracks

Broken or Frayed Cables

Broken Springs

Out-of-Track Doors

Noisy Garage Doors

Broken Hinges

Sensor Malfunctions

Panels that Need Replacement

Transmitters and Receivers malfunctioning

Weather Sealing Needing Replacement

Exclusive garage door repair recommended by Rosie on the House

You couldn’t ask for more. This is the garage door service company that you can trust! They know garage doors and they know how to fix ‘em right and fix ‘em fast. A-Authentic has the tools and the knowledge to work on any garage door or any garage door opener. Here are some common garage door problems and A-Authentic can handle every one of these garage door repairs! And, any other problem you can think of with either a tilt-up or roll-up garage door.


Broken or Frayed Cables

Tilt-Up Garage Doors

Bottom Rubber

Noisy Garage Doors

Broken Hinges

Transmitters and Receivers

Out-of-Track Doors

Roll-Up Garage Door

Weather Sealing


1)If the automatic reverse isn’t working (check it by putting a wooden block or 2×4 in the door’s path), call for garage door repair right away as this is a safety hazard.

2)The door feels “heavy”. This is one of the more common problems with garage doors and usually is a result of the door being out of balance which means the springs do not have enough tension. Get that brand new feeling when A-Authentic checks your garage door and brings it back into balance.

4)A noisy door can be the result of several things. It could be the result of worn springs and hinges – or simply an unbalanced door. It’s time to call A-Authentic Garage Door Service. One of their professional technicians will pinpoint the cause and fix it. If your garage door is noisy, it may be unsafe so don’t wait to call!

A-Authentic wants to be your partner in keeping your garage door working properly and safely. Do your part! Give your garage door a monthly inspection. Keep it clean and oil door roller, bearings and hinges. Your garage door is not only the largest, moving part in your home; it also may well be the largest expanse on the front of your home. You want it to look great so your home retains its value and has curb appeal. You want it to work properly so it protects your valuables, your home and your family. So when you have a problem, don’t wait. Call A-Authentic for garage door service or garage door repair. You can even use this website to get started. A-Authentic is the reliable, fast garage door repair, you’ve wanted and they’re ready to help you. Call (602) 714-9886.